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Save money on your heating bill

There are a number of ways to reduce your heating costs outside of energy efficient HVAC products. Here are a few easy ways to save on your heating bill:

Adjust your Thermostat – if you lower your thermostat from 70 degrees to 68, you can save up to 5% on your heating bill. You can save even more by programming your thermostat to lower itself during the night time and for periods when you are away.

Get Regular furnace maintenance – nothing wastes money like a poorly maintained furnace. If yours isn’t working optimally, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Let the Sun In – The sun is a free heat source, and it can be easily harnessed by opening your drapes and shades on all south-facing windows to let the most sun rays in. When the sun goes down, close those drapes to keep more of the warmth in.

Replace your Furnace Filters – As filters collect dust and particles in your air, it slowly chokes airflow into the furnace, making it work harder to keep your home warm.

Use those Ceiling Fans – If you are fortunate to have ceiling fans, you can use them to your advantage by changing their rotation to clockwise. A clockwise rotation on a low fan gently pushes the rising warm air back down to your level.

Insulate Drafty Windows – Many older homes have old window systems which allow cold drafts in. Windows can account for nearly 50% of your home’s heat loss. Wisconsin residents are certainly familiar with the cellophane and hair dryer solution.

Put on a Sweater! – Face it, you should probably dress for the season. Traipsing around your home in shorts and a tank top is for summertime. Wearing season-appropriate clothing allows you to be more comfortable without needing to heat your home to 80 degrees.

Don’t Heat Rooms you Don’t Use – If you have that guest bedroom which only gets used once a year, think about closing the heat registers in that room. They aren’t doing anybody any good open, and your furnace will have to work harder to heat the extra square footage.

Close Fireplace Doors and Dampers – If you aren’t using your fireplace, it is acts like a black hole for heat. To keep heat from escaping up the flue, install tempered glass doors and make sure they’re closed when not in use. Close the flue and the dampers to keep rising heat in your home.


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